Looking For The Best Realtors in Killeen, TX?

Undoubtedly, Amanda Brown with Shine Team Realtors is one of the best realtors in Killeen, TX.

This fact is well known and well documented, but nonetheless, we’ll share the reason why.

Haha, sorry, we’re rather biased here, but keep reading and we’ll dive into what you’ll most likely want from a Realtor in the Killeen area.

Understanding Unique Military Circumstances

If you’re a service member or veteran, then you’ll want to key in here otherwise it’s not completely pertinent to you.

Being a real estate agent around a military installation such as Fort Hood, TX requires an understanding of what service members and their families go through.

They should have a thorough understanding on how the PCS process works. With that, they should understand the timelines associated with an out-of-state move, especially if coming from overseas.

Understanding military-related circumstances involves being able to conduct home walkthroughs with clients over video chats using Zoom, Skype, Facebook, etc. Knowing what to show, how to show it, and present the home in an accurate manner goes a long way for someone not physically able to walkthrough a home.

Active duty personnel understand this dynamic all too well.

Being a military family ourselves, we’ve rented and purchased houses sight unseen. That means, we put offers on homes without physically being in them. That doesn’t mean we didn’t know what we were getting. Instead, we had to leverage other options to view the home and make a decision.

Realtors that Knows the Killeen and Surrounding Areas

This is important anywhere, but more so near military installations. You’re going to want a Realtor that knows the area inside and out.

When you’re looking for the best Realtors in Killeen, TX you’re going to want someone that knows the surrounding cities as well as Fort Hood. After all, Fort Hood is a central hub to the greater Killeen area.

You’ll probably be wondering where the PX is on post, or where are the gates, or how the traffic is at the gates. Solid Realtors in Killeen, TX will have the answers to these questions.

Has a Relationship with Lenders

Realtors with a Great Relationship with Lenders is Essential
Realtors Need to Have a Great Relationship with Lenders in the Area

This is a no-brainer.

The first step in your home search process is getting pre-approved. Having an agent that can recommend lenders they’ve worked with – and noticeably superior to others – will make this process smoother.

This holds true even more if you’re military. You’re going to want the best VA lender in the area and the best Realtors in Killeen, TX will know who those are.

Regardless, many home closings are held up due to lending issues. You’re going to want an awesome and reputable lender to help you through that process. A good real estate agent can help you find the right one.

Has a Relationship with other Realtors

You might be wondering, why would you ever want an agent that has great relationship with other agents? Because other agents might have homes they’re about to list that aren’t on the market yet. This is sometimes referred to as the “coming soon list.”

If you’re not finding the home of your dreams on the MLS then this “coming soon list” might be the next best bet. It’s great for buyers because they might be able to get an offer in on a home before anyone else, meaning they’re not going to be in a bidding war.

Additionally, in Amanda Brown’s case, she’s a member of the Shine Team Realtors so that means you – as a buyer – always have at least 2 agents working for you at any given time.

Responsiveness – Does Your Realtor Take Your Calls?

If you’re a first-time home buyer you might be asking why responsiveness is even on the list. Well it needs to be.

There are a lot of Realtors in Killeen, TX that simply don’t answer their phones. That goes for both calls and texts. Or they turn off their phones at 5pm, which happens to be the same time you get off work and want to look for houses.

Unfortunately for real estate agents, they need to be available all the time because no client is the same.

You want a real estate agent that is responsive to your needs; someone you’re able to get a hold of any time. When you find that perfect house you need to go and see it as soon as possible otherwise it may go under contract before you can even get to see it.

Ready to jump in and start searching for Realtors in Killeen, TX?

You don’t have to look very far. I’m here and ready to work for you and your family to find the perfect home. Give me a call, shoot me a text, or drop me an email and I’ll give you a call and walk you through the entire home-buying process.

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