What is a Barndominium Home and Why are they Trending?

One of our recent projects in Central Texas is a 3,000 square foot barndominium built on 20 acres. The home is located just outside Gatesville and overlooks beautiful pastures, and has a fully stocked pond with Bass and Bluegill. It’s a dream come true for this family!

But this probably has you thinking – why are barndominiums trending? Is this a new fad that is going to last? They’re starting to take off throughout the Central Texas hill country, and it has you wondering what the big deal is.

If you’re new to the barndo scene, or perhaps you’ve been considering one for a while now, I’ve got some answers for you.

What is a barndominium home?

To get started, let’s discuss what a barndominium is.

A barndominium, or barndo as we call them, is a mix between a barn and a modern family house. The buildings are often constructed using steel framing and corrugated metal siding and roofing.

Often these homes are found on large lots of land in the countryside (hence we’ve one underway in Coryell county), and they usually boast all of the modern features of a traditional stick-built home. Vaulted ceilings, luxurious trim, intelligent appliances – these homes have it all. They are a more modern and chic home than a barn.

Barndo Kitchen with all Features and Amenities
Barndominiums are outfitted with all of the luxurious amenities you’d expect in any home.

Chances are you’ve seen them before; you just didn’t know they were called barndos. That’s because they look a lot like ordinary homes found in suburbia.

Sure, the exterior of the build is corrugated metal (i.e., r-panel), but that’s usually where the “barn” stops. From there, you can generally find a stone or brick wainscoting on the exterior, and the interior is traditionally framed out with typical lumber and beautifully designed with walls, lighting, plumbing, etc. So it’s quite a far stretch from a barn; it’s more of a house with a barn-ish exterior.

Over the past several years, we’ve seen barndominiums pop up all over the place. From Colorado to New York and everywhere in between, they’re becoming popular. They’re making their way onto the covers of magazines, and there are even Facebook groups dedicated to the trend with hundreds of thousands of contributors.

But all of this begs the question – Why are they trending? What makes barndominiums so appealing as opposed to conventional homes made of wood framing and vinyl or brick siding?

It’s due to the decreased building time and lower costs associated with building.

Of course, the barndo style was popular before the lumber price surge in 2020 and 2021, but lumber prices had a pivotal effect on future homeowners’ decisions.

Metal structures typically cost much less to erect than a wooden-framed structure resulting in a great home at a fraction of the costs. Sure, there’s still plenty of lumber involved, but not nearly as much for a stick home.

But, how long does it take to build a barndominium compared to a traditional home?

As far as the time it takes to build a home, it is around 9-12 months for a traditional wood-framed home. For a barndominium home, expect 4-6 months for a metal-framed barndominium in the Killeen and Gatesville areas. Of course, various factors play a role in the timing.

Why is this? The interior of the two styles is generally similar and takes about an equal amount of time to finish. The time saved originates at the framing and exterior. A metal structure goes up in a matter of days, whereas a wood frame can take a few weeks. Not only does the homeowner save on the costs of lumber, but also on the labor.

Barndo builders are making dreams come true in Central Texas.

Texas Hill Country Near South Mountain
Beautiful land is for sale throughout the Texas Hill Country for you to build your barndominium.

Barndominiums are indeed popping up on the scene throughout the greater Central Texas area. Not only are the structures themselves an inexpensive option for a home, but the land in the area is less expensive than other areas.

For example, the price per acre in Gatesville, TX, is around $4,400; however, if you start looking out near the coastal region, you should expect about $7,000 per acre.

Are there less expensive places? Of course! However, the beautiful views and hunting throughout the Central Texas hill country make the land worth it.

Of course, it’s not always about the land. Some people prefer to move quickly and get their families into a home they can enjoy without waiting months or even years for construction to be finished on a stick-built home.

Whatever the case, barndos are becoming quite popular throughout the area.

Are you considering building a barndominium in the Gatesville, Killeen, Waco, or Temple areas? I can help you find the ideal tract of land and pair you up with one of the many reputable builders in the Central Texas area. If you’re still on the fence, we can even find a few barndos on the market so you can see for yourself what they’re all about.

Featured photo credit: BuildMax Barndominium Plans.

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